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Claus Stuhlweissenburg is a three-time Emmy-award-winning cameraman specializing in Steadicam. He became intrigued with the camera stabilizing system early on given its combination of grace, artistry, and physical demand. After first using it in 1996 he took a Steadicam workshop under the tutelage of its inventor, Garrett Brown. After that he was hooked.


 “Because steadicam is so challenging from both a finesse and strength standpoint you have to love it to be good at it. You can’t fake being a good operator.”


Over the years Claus’ diverse career has included formats such as independent features and documentaries. But the bulk of his work is in multi-camera television.  From the 1998 Winter Olympics, to five Super Bowls, to working the CBS live morning program weekdays since 2000, Claus has a reputation for being an accomplished and experienced cameraman who is easy to work with.


“Whether working as part of a team or solo my goal is to show people what Steadicam is capable of. At the end of the day I want the client to love it as much as I do.  Every operator needs to be an ambassador of Steadicam”.


Claus Stuhlweissenburg, Steadicam Operator
Claus Stuhlweissenburg, Steadicam Operator

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